Chocolate Loaf Buns



After so many attempts, finally one that I am happy with!

Recipe adapted from  <<65摄氏度汤种面包>> by 陈郁芬

210g           bread flour
56g             all purpose flour
35g             caster sugar
1/2 tsp       salt
1 tsp           instant yeast
1tsp           cocoa powder (I used Van Houten)
100g           tang zhong (18g flour to 90g water should give you more than enough)
30g             egg , save some for eggwash
90g             milk
23g             oil
20g             steamed and mashed potatoes (optional)
2oz (57g/half a bar)   baking chocolate bar, chopped to small pieces (I used Hershey’s)
20g              choc chips for garnish, only knead in during shaping

I suggest using a bread machine or a mixer to knead this dough, as they do a better job melting and mixing in the chopped chocolate pieces. The rest is the same: Knead > 1st proof > knock out > shape > 2nd proof > oven 180ºC middle rack for 25 mins (check doneness with a food thermometer, should reach at least 90ºC)

Little buns egg-washed and ready for the oven!

Shaping was fairly easy with this one, the dough wasn’t too sticky. Just a little dusting flour was needed.


I baked them in a 2-pound loaf tin.

the hairy cracks in the middle

Taste: ✮✮✮
Very chocolatey, one star deducted just because I like them even more chocolatey!

Texture: ✮✮
Super soft and stringy, soft till next day. I couldn’t ask for more!




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