Tuna Buns (tang zhong method)


Yummy……. better than store bought!


This recipe is adapted from 65°C湯種麵包 by Ms Yvonne Chen 陳郁芬.

190g      bread flour
20g        wholemeal bread flour (could be substituted with normal bread flour)
30g        all purpose flour
1/2tsp    salt
1tsp       instant yeast
30g        sugar (I found this too much, could be reduced to 25g)
10g        milk powder
60g        mashed potato
60g        tang zhong (14g flour to 60g water should give you more than enough)
30g        egg
90g        water (could use 85g first, add more depending on the dough)
25g        oil
a slice of cheese & some poppy seeds for garnish

Bake @ 180ºC for 20mins.

The dough may look wet at the beginning, but as the breadmaker kneads it will get better. It’s very sticky though.


Proofed well… really well.

Shaping was challenging as the dough was extremely soft and quite sticky. Lots of dusting flour was needed, but I find shaping into triangles easier than into balls…


They really looked like little triangular pillows 😀


The potato fragrant was non-existent, but the bread still tasted good!

Texture: ✮
Just great! Very soft and it sprang back straightaway when I applied pressure on it. Was still good the next day.



Will definitely use this recipe again!


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