Cheddar Potato Tear ‘n’ Share Bread

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Recipe adapted from handletheheat

255g     all purpose flour
25g       sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp     instant yeast
100g     mashed potato, cooled to room temp
102g     water
1             egg
50g        butter

Topping: 100g grated cheddar + melted butter for brushing

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The dough in the bread pan looked worrying at the beginning of kneading – wet and rough, but became better as it went. Probably was because of the butter, causing blots of fat everywhere. It held up well but was nevertheless slack. Proofed extremely well, ballooned up fast and appeared smooth.

After knocking it out, the dough became extremely sticky and did not have any structure or elasticity at all. I had dollops, rather than balls, of dough. I believe this was due to the low protein content of the all purpose flour.


Plenty of dusting flour was needed to roll them up into balls as they were so soft, slack and sticky. However they proofed well second time round.

Original instructions was to bake at 180ºC for 30 minutes (with foil covering the buns), then sprinkle the cheddar, and then for another 20 minutes. As I was baking a smaller batch, I reduced the first leg to 15 minutes.


This was after 15 minutes of baking. Note how the cheese tend to gather in between the rolls. Seems sprinkling cheese require some care too!


This was how it came out. Actually I forgot to brush the buns with butter before sprinkling the cheese, maybe that’s why most of them fell into the ‘drains’ rather than sticking on the top of the ‘dome’.

I wish the cheese had burnt more, but it’s already in the oven for 20 minutes and any longer would mean over-baking, so I had to take it out.

The cheese in the ‘drains’ was too thick to be burnt and hence did not taste that good…


Taste: ✩✩
Not good. Potato flavour did not come through at all although it was at 39% of the flour’s weight. The rolls were thoroughly bland. Cheddar was not burnt enough and did not taste good anyway. (I used Emborg Shredded Cheddar Topping cheese).

Texture: ✮
Yes it was very soft, stayed soft the next day but it just wasn’t bread. It was more like a cake or ‘sponge bread’. When pulled apart, it just tears off bluntly without the pulling strings effect. I will avoid baking a bread with all purpose flour next time.


All in all a very disappointing bake and I won’t be using this recipe again. Don’t understand all the good reviews there.


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