Coffee Crown (Tang Zhong)

What’s after cranberry crown? Coffee crown!

Recipe adapted from 《65ºC 汤种面包》(again!)

This recipe makes a smaller than usual loaf.

190g         bread flour
30g           sugar
1g              salt
1 tsp         instant yeast
12g            instant coffee powder (3 in 1)
60g            tang zhong (14g flour to 70g water should give you more than enough)
20g            egg
50g            milk
20g            oil
handful of raisins

It took me a little longer than usual to proof, but it rose OK.


Taste: ✮✮✮
Too sweet! Although I have already reduced the sugar from 44g to 30g. Coffee was very fragrant but could be stronger.


Texture: ✮✮
Soft and light, as usual, from a tang zhong recipe. However, recipes with cream cheese or potato are still better.


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