Cranberry Crown



Recipe adapted from xingfuzhiwei

250g         bread flour
30g            AP flour
1/2 tsp     salt
40g            sugar
1 tsp          instant yeast
40g            dried cranberries, rehydrated then drained
50g            cream cheese, lightly beaten till smooth & not chunky
110g          milk
40g            egg
28g            oil

Put everything, except the cranberries, into the bread maker and let it knead. I used no.9, which is the ‘Dough only’ option with ‘raisins *beep*’. Add in the cranberries when the machine beeps.

The dough is ready when it has doubled or so in size. Then, tip it over onto a floured surface.



The dough was smooth, not sticky, and very easy to handle. Shaping was no problem.

I shaped it into 8 round balls, arranged them in a ring pan and let them proof until they were about touching the rim of the pan.

When it’s ready, brush the top with egg wash then bake @ 180ºC for 20 minutes.






Look at this!!


Taste: ✮✮✮
Very rich and milky, cream cheese flavour was very very subtle but nice! A little too sweet to my taste though, would reduce sugar to 30g maybe next time.

Texture: ✮✮
Pillowy-soft and feathery-light. Very ‘stringy’ as well. Better than regular tang zhong bread.


A broken crown …




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