Japanese Sweet Potato Tang Zhong Bread


Having had several failed attempts at sweet potato bread recipes from other bloggers, I have decided to adapt a tang zhong recipe myself.

This time I used Japanese Sweet Potato. Purple on the outside, yellow on the inside.


I steamed it skin-on to find out if it’s easier to remove the skin this way. Indeed it was. When it’s cooked the skin peels off much more easily. Might be time consuming, but no potato flesh went to waste as a using a peeler would.

The shape was inspired by some blog posts I came across recently, which featured the famous Hong Kong Pai Bao 排包. I thought they looked cute and neat, and I happened to find a rectangular Pyrex dish, so, there you go!

Recipe adapted from  <<65摄氏度汤种面包>> by 陈郁芬

210g           bread flour
56g             all purpose flour
30g             caster sugar
1/2 tsp       salt
1 tsp           instant yeast
60g             tang zhong (15g flour to 75g water should give you more than enough)
30g             egg , save some for eggwash
90g             water
20g             milk powder
28g             butter / oil
60g             steamed and mashed Japanese sweet potatoes

I let the bread maker do the kneading.

Initially, I only added 60g of water, not knowing how much hydration the sweet potatoes would contribute. The rest was dribbled into the dough as it was kneading. Because different potatoes have different hydration, I suggest reserving 10g of the water by the side. Your dough might not need all that water.

The original recipe calls for 84g of tang zhong. I thought of reducing tang zhong because the sweet potatoes already contain some starch. (Tang zhong is a kind of starch as well).

When kneading was done, the dough was taken out, rolled into a nice ball, and let proof in a mixing bowl. I always prefer to proof the dough as a nice round ball if it’s not going to bake in the bread maker.

The dough was nice and smooth, thankfully! You never know what you will be getting when experimenting!


The picture above is the dough that had finished its first proof. Round as a full moon!

Yes, the yellow hue from the sweet potatoes had faded into nothingness…..

I also added some soaked (then drained) raisins during shaping.

I got about 583g of dough out of this recipe. Rolled them into six long logs and let them proof for the second time. The dough was very tacky, quite a challenge without dusting flour.

Oh, the joy of a see-through baking dish!


After egg-washing, it was baked at 180ºC (preheated), middle rack, for 25 minutes.








I have to admit, it was quite a pain trying to remove the bread from the Pyrex dish… Bread sticks a bit to glass and it won’t slide off like it does with non-stick pans…


Taste: ✮✮✮
As expected, the sweet potato flavour was very faint, but still nice! You know it’s not just a sweet bread, there’s something more~~ The bread itself was not too sweet, but a burst of flavours (raisins, choc chips etc) here and there made it better.

Texture: ✮✮
Incredibly soft and fluffy and ‘stringy’, softer than a typical tang zhong sweet bread. Remained soft the next day.



Very glad this turned out well. I know I can always trust a tang zhong recipe!

Next time, I am going to sub the Japanese sweet potato for purple sweet potato!


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