Bread maker Banana (Yeast) Bread

Was quite sceptical about using banana in bread but tried it anyway~

Recipe adapted from Catherine Atkinson’s ‘Brilliant Breadmaking’ again! Original recipe is for a chocolate banana bread, but I didn’t have chocolate chips, so I used some poppy seeds instead.

270g       bread flour
10g          brown sugar (original recipe: 1tsp golden castor sugar)
10g          castor sugar
1/4 tsp    salt (original recipe: 3/4 tsp)
1 tsp        instant yeast (original recipe: 3/4 tsp)
140ml     milk (original recipe asked for 165ml)
15g           canola oil
90g          mashed banana
1 tsp        poppy seeds (original recipe: 45g chocolate chips)

I used Menu 6 – Rice Bread of the Panasonic SDP104. Leaving the yeast and poppy seed, I put the rest into the bread tin.

As this was the first time I was making this bread, I did not put the yeast and poppy seeds into their respective dispensers as I wanted to open the lid to check on the dough. I just manually added them in when the machine beeps.

The ingredients all set to go!
Sprinkled the yeast manually… after which the dough was let rest for about 50 minutes.
After 50 minutes, it started kneading again and this was formed.
A decent first rise~
This was after the first knock-out
After the second knock-out
Started proofing after the not sure 2nd or 3rd knock out
3 minutes more to baking. It did not rise as much as I would like it to.



Crust was a little too thick too brown. ‘Light’ crust option would had been better.


The bread was soft enough to bend without cracking.
Close-up of the texture


Taste: ✮✮✮✩✩

Banana flavour was faint but noticeable. Nice touch, actually! It’s like eating a healthy version of banana cake. It was a little too sweet, the sugar could be reduced to 10g. The flavour would be better had the texture been better.

Texture: ✮✮✩✩

Very close and dense. Kind of chewy too. A bit like sourdough. Definitely need to work on the texture.


I think the strict cycles of the bread machine didn’t do the recipe any good. The texture would be much better if the proofing could be manually controlled.

Not sure if I would use this recipe again. I like the fragrance but not the texture. Perhaps I would incorporate banana in better recipes that are known to yield light, fluffy bread. Till next time!



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