Failed Purple Sweet Potato Bread

Recipe adapted from culinarykitchenette

250g         bread flour
20g           sugar
1/4tsp      salt
1tsp          instant yeast
12g           milk powder
160g         mashed purple sweet potato
166ml      water
30g           oil

Yup, the recipe above is one not to use!

Terrible terrible… so disappointed. But should document it anyway.

I used the ‘Rice Bread’ option initially, but seeing that the dough is not going to make it, I quickly stopped it and changed it to ‘Rapid Bread’. This shortened proofing by 40 minutes. Then I proved it in the fridge to slow down proofing. Nevertheless, the dough still overproofed…

Very slack dough.
Hole-y surface – sign of overproofing! 
So soft it could not hold its shape properly.
More cake than bread. Terrible. The best part was the DOM-soaked raisins, yummy.

…..and the hunt for a good purple sweet potato bread recipe continues!


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