Coconut Milk Bread 椰奶吐司

Deeeliiiicious!!!  read on…

-Recipe adapted from《Carol 烘培新手必备第二本书》

270g       bread flour
30g          all purpose flour
30g          sugar
pinch      salt
3/4tsp     instant yeast
50g           egg
140ml      coconut milk
10ml         water

(Original recipe asked for 1/2tsp yeast and 150ml coconut milk).

I followed the recipe to the letter except for the yeast and the coconut milk.


I put everything into the breadmaker, crossed my fingers and let the machine start kneading.

And then, shock horror!





This was how the dough looked like…. I was totally disheartened…

I tipped the dough out, wet my hands with some water and kneaded it until it resembled a dough. Then in it went back into the machine and the cycle was restarted. The dough was super dense, a bit like biscuit dough.

As the machine was kneading, I had to dribble water on the dough until it looked and felt like a bread dough. That’s where the 10ml of water came from. Might be more though, I didn’t measure that.

My original plan was to let it bake in the bread machine but I decided not to, seeing how the initial dough turned out to be…

So I took the dough out, shaped it and let it proof in the bread tins. The dough was as smooth as a baby’s skin. It felt luxurious lol…..

It took and hour and a half (very long!) to proof from this to that.

Milk-washed them, and then they were baked @ 180ºC in the oven for 25 minutes.



They got a really good oven spring, rose well above the bread tins.

Very delicate crust too!


I let them cool completely before slicing.


Yes, they were very close-textured. This was expected as the dough was really really dense and I didn’t know how to rescue it apart from kept adding water!

However, they tasted divine! The milky coconut fragrant was surprisingly strong! It was simply exceptional. Coconut lovers, this is YOUR bread!

The bread was soft and did not feel wet aka failed bread, so I was happy with that. It was a bit too sweet for my taste though, I would reduce 15g of sugar.

Also I figured out a few reasons my dough turned out to be so dense:

  1. The coconut milk I used was very very thick with the consistency of soft-peak meringue, as you can see in the first picture.
  2. With such thick coconut milk, I should have added more water to the recipe.
  3. I already used 10ml less of coconut milk, I should have added even more water to compensate for that.
  4. I know coconut milk is already oily, but it might help to add a bit of oil into the recipe as well.

I don’t know when I will pick up my courage and bake this again with these tweaks, but if you guys experimented with success, please do let me know here! Thank you! 😀











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