Bread Maker Soft Chocolate Loaf

Had a craving for some nice and soft homemade chocolate bread, found this and thought it looked fantastic, so gave it a try!

Recipe from iloveicookibake

350g           bread flour
2 tsp          cocoa powder
1 tsp          salt
25g            castor sugar
1 tsp          instant yeast
50g            chocolate (70% cocoa), coarsely chopped
80ml           milk
15g            butter 
185m l         1 egg, make up to 185ml with water

1. Put everything into the bread maker. Dry ingredients first.
2. Choose Option 6 - Rice Bread on Panasonic SD-P104, then press start.
3. Press the stop button of the machine 3 minutes before finishing time.
4. Take the bread out, leave to cool inside tin for 5 minutes.
5. Remove bread from tin, cool it until skin temperature before slicing.
6. Eat. Keep leftovers in an airtight container.

I used about 21g of butter by mistake (cut too huge a chunk!) and used hot chocolate powder in place of cocoa powder (didn’t have it). The rests were the same.

Taking it out 3 minutes early was just so the crust wouldn’t get too thick and hard.

The dough was very soft and delicate, but I would not knead it by hand, at all.

When baking just started…
When baking was complete.
quite close-textured

As you can see, the bread was quite close-textured. However, it was very soft and the crust just right. Might be the extra 5g of butter or humidity. Anyway, the texture was great.

For this bread, I used 70% dark baking chocolate. I must say the chocolate flavour didn’t quite come through. Perhaps I really should have used cocoa powder instead of hot chocolate powder. Also, using quality baking chocolate should help with the flavour!

Nevertheless, it was still a good loaf, so I am happy 😀




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