Croissants Attempt #2 – failed!


First attempt here: Croissants Attempt #1 – failed!

Recap: My problem in my first attempt was ‘breaking butter’, which means instead of a smooth layer of butter, I got them in chunks all over the dough, and most of them cut through the poor dough. I found out the reason behind that, and I have rectified it this time. I had nice and smooth layers of butter, but… read on…

Same as before,

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However, my dough didn’t turn out very well this time. Had an inkling of it while kneading the dough but I carried on.

There were blotches of butter everywhere…. Some holes in my dough too, but I carried on.

Being ever so impatient, I did 3 turns all in one go without chilling it in between. It felt pliable, so I didn’t bother chilling!

After that, straight to shaping.

Got proper triangles this time!
See the lamination!

I was so chuffed when I saw this. This’s the so-called ‘lamination’. I did it, albeit poorly, as I didn’t adhere to the rules. No chunks of butter poking through the dough…

Lamination before proofing.

And lamination after proofing:



They seemed so ‘puffed’. Not sure if I had over-proofed them.

Before and after proofing (2 hours)
The moment they were in the oven, they started bleeding butter.
Look at that pool of butter at the corner of the baking sheet!
The whole sheet was drowned in butter




Closer look:


The layers were clearly there, but the inside was:


So, it seemed only the outer layer ‘puffed’, the dough inside was completely soaked with butter, thus the bready texture.

Well, at least I got some layers!

I guess the butter leakage was largely due to the uneven dough, and the butter just oozed out from the dough soaking other layers. Not sure if not chilling in between turns had anything to do with it…

Better dough next time! 🙂


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