Tang Zhong Cinnamon Loaf 汤种肉桂面包

Hello! It’s cinnamon again! Wanted to try a different version this time, so made a loaf!

Using the same recipe from before, replacing oil with butter as I didn’t have enough oil. Also reduced sugar (in bread dough) to 25g and omitted milk powder. Substituted some water for milk. The rest was the same.

Here you go:

Cinnamon Bread (Tang Zhong) 肉桂面包(汤种)
-Adapted from  <<65摄氏度汤种面包>> by 陈郁芬

210g           bread flour
56g             all purpose flour
25g             caster sugar
1/2tsp        salt
4g               instant yeast (original recipe calls for 6g, but I feel that’s in excess)
1tbsp         ground cinnamon (into the dough)
84g             tang zhong (15g flour to 75g water should give you more than enough)
30g             egg , save some for eggwash
75g             water
10g             milk
22g             butter
30g caster sugar + 2 tbsp ground cinnamon for cinnamon sugar (I found 30g actually too sweet, I would reduce it to 20g)

1. Make a dough. Prove.
2. Flour worktop. Roll into a rectangle. Brush lightly with water then sprinkle with cinnamon sugar.
3. Roll it length side up into a log. Stretch the log as long as possible.
4. ‘Snake’ it into a bread tin. Prove. Preheat oven 180ºC.
5. Brush with eggwash.
6. Bake @180ºC for 30 minutes, middle rack.


Before baking





Tadaa! Looking a bit odd I know…
Looking beautiful inside!


Look at them! Each slices had such a different personality! Like kids’ drawings!

Texture was spot on as usual with tang zhong recipes, but the cinnamon sugar was a little too sweet to my taste.

Nevertheless, still a great loaf!  😀


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