Onion Bread

What’s after garlic bread?

Onion bread!

Have always loved the onion bread supermarkets use to make their sandwiches, but never seem to find it anywhere! Then one day I saw this onion bread mix in Waitrose and decided to give it a try.

I will let the pictures speak:

Only water and butter is needed. Bread mixes are amazing!
I added my own caramelised onion for an extra ‘onion kick’!
join join 1
Butter into flour, then water into mixture
join join 2
Knead. Proof. Shape. Bake!

The baking instructions on the package was for a 900g tin loaf : 30 minutes at 230ºC. I modified mine to 200ºC for 15 minutes since I made them into rolls.


They came out beautifully baked. Smelled amazing too!


The rolls were very soft, as soft as my tang zhong rolls!

The onion flavour was very subtle but still noticeable, perfect for making sandwiches.

Very happy with the results, especially coming from a bread mix. Well done Waitrose!


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