Paul Hollywood’s Belgian Chocolate Brownie Mix – Tried and tested

I have been following Paul Hollywood years ago, when the Great British Bake Off (GBBO) was still fairly new. I first known him from watching a series of short documentaries about different types of bread, and I thought he was smashingly charismatic. His knowledge about the humble bread amazed me, it’s no surprise he comes from a family of bakers!

Now, with the success of the GBBO comes the commercialisation and cashing in on his fame. Just like Jamie Oliver. I saw this coming!

Now he has his own impressive range of baking equipments, saw them at John Lewis the other day. Of course he also came up with some baking mixes, which I was so eager to try out!


Having not made brownies before, I went for his Luxurious Belgian Chocolate Brownie mix. It was also a simple one, all I need was butter and eggs.

A sneak peek into the mix

The instructions were straightforward, and even came with pictures! Brilliant.

join join1

So, chop chop!

The ingredients. I used essential Waitrose unsalted butter here.
join join 2
Mistake: Used softened butter instead of melted butter. Lumps!

I had to alternate between powder mix / butter / egg in order to get to the right consistency. Also, because the butter was still cold and hard (rather than melted), the batter was too thick. It should be pourable.

To achieve that runny consistency, I put the ‘mixing bowl’ (I didn’t have one, so I used a crock pot instead!) into water bath and let it sit for a while. Lo and behold, the batter became runny and shiny!

join join 3
Before and after water bath

Note: It says to use an electric mixer but really a good fork and a good bicep is more than enough…

It was already smelling like heaven at this point…

You can see my hand was shaking from the weight of the crock pot lol…


After 23 minutes…





IMG_6378Looked fine and yummy but….

Once it was out of the oven,

Collapsication happened.

It was underbaked! But I followed the baking instructions word by word!

Anyway, with enormous effort I managed to cut a slice out. Kind of.

The soggy bottom curse?!


Most of the inside was not cooked – could taste the egg, so back it went straight back into the oven for another 10 minutes.

It was cooked then, but was dense and chewy as expected. It was still edible and was perfect to go with a cuppa!

join join 5.jpeg
Reality vs fantasy?

The flavour of the brownie was spot on. Not too sweet, but very rich and chocolatey. Not bad for a mix. Had I baked them in separate, smaller, thinner tins, I guess it would have been perfect.

If you are lazy like me, this is definitely worth a try. Just remember to use melted butter and perhaps bake them in separate batches or use different tins.

Will I be trying out other mixes in this range? Maybe, especially if they ever come on offer… Am very tempted by the bread mixes!





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