Bread Machine Tang Zhong Wholemeal Bread 汤种全麦吐司

This is my second attempt at whole wheat bread. My first was a banana whole wheat yeast bread (from recipe here), but unfortunately that did not turn out very well, so didn’t blog about that.

This time, to be on the safe side, I chose a recipe from the foolproof recipe book: <<65摄氏度汤种面包>> by 陈郁芬. Foolproof, because I have never had a bad bake using her recipes, plus the incorporation of tang zhong into the bread recipe makes the bread really soft!

全麦吐司 Wholemeal Bread Loaf from <<65摄氏度汤种面包>> by 陈郁芬

140g       bread flour
100g       wholemeal flour
25g         caster sugar
3.5g        salt
5g           instant yeast
60g         tang zhong (14g flour to 60g water should give you more than enough)
30g         egg
70g         milk
25g         butter

Put all ingredients into the bread pan and choose baking option 5 (Wholemeal Bread). This option takes 5 hours to complete – wholemeal bread needs longer proofing.

I added some chocolate chips in for flavour, and during shaping I wrapped in two cheese slices (those packaged, soft ones).

The dough will look very dry and irregularly shaped at the beginning, but worry not! That’s how it’s supposed to look like! The whole wheat bran will slowly absorb water and soften, eventually forming a nice round dough. 🙂

Below are a series of photos just to give you an idea of the dough-forming process!

The dough was just beautiful. Soft and moist, and it was not sticky at all. And yes, it proofed really well! A bit too well I must say, lol! 😆 I had to check on the dough from time to time to prevent it from over-proofing! (Lightly push the dough down with a flexible spatula to deflate it if it balloons up ‘uncontrollably’ like the pic on top.) I suggest reducing the yeast to maybe 3g. The recipes in this book tend to incorporate lots of yeast.

By the time the machine entered the rising cycle, the dough was already very smooth, comparable to the typical white dough. Reshaping was easy as the dough was really nice to handle! However, since it’s whole wheat, it did take longer to rise. Hence, it’s best to get reshaping done at least 1hr before the machine enters the bake cycle. The baking cycle starts 45minutes to the finishing time.

I found that the dough did not rise as much after shaping. Disappointingly, it only rose to just a little more than half of the bread pan. Probably the yeast had been exhausted during to the extra long proofing time. Next time, what I will do is either putting the yeast in the yeast compartment (so that the dough starts proofing later on) or choosing the no. 1 -‘Bread’ option, which has a shorter proofing time and baking cycle.

The dough just before the baking cycle started. Only rose to about half of the pan. Disappointing!

As expected, the bread didn’t look good. 😦 😥

So flat! lol…
Looked exactly like a brick, lol!

It looks exactly like a brick! 😆 Sad, seeing how well it was at the beginning…. 😥

Fortunately, the texture of the bread was good! Albeit being a little dense, it was very soft! Many thanks to tang zhong 😆  However, my previous little chocolate chips did not manage to give the bread a chocolate flavour 😛 , but the cheese was a nice touch! The bread did have thick crunchy crust though, but at least it was crunchy, not tough and chewy. Quite chuffed actually as I thought it was going to be a complete disaster!

Dense but very soft!!
Just thought the burnt out cheese looked cute 😉

This is definitely a great wholemeal bread recipe, but next time, I would reduce the proofing time – let the machine drop the yeast or choose a shorter baking option.

Do try this out! 😀


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