Chocolate Jasmine Star Bread (Tang Zhong method)


Have always wanted to incorporate tea into bread, finally got to try it out today! The results were surprising, but I am very pleased! Read on! 😛


The shape is inspired by the famous Nutella star bread – there is a snappy YouTube video on how to make a Nutella star bread. I found slicing through the dough a little messy, so instead of doing a eight-pointed star, I did a four-pointed one.

I used some Cadbury chocolate sprinkle and some walnuts to flavour the bread. Didn’t use Nutella as I thought it wouldn’t go well with jasmine!



The texture was great, as you would expect from a tang zhong recipe. Soft and light!

The jasmine smell was astonishingly strong, and the bitterness of the green tea almost reduced the sweetness of the bread to nothing! However, it tasted much better when it was completely cooled. The sweetness started to come through and the jasmine scent and bitterness softened. Best to take it when cooled eh!



Chocolate Jasmine bread – adapted from <<65度C湯種麵包>> by 陳郁芬

For the tang zhong,
17g flour to 85g water should give about 89g of tang zhong

For the concentrated jasmine tea,
Infuse 10g of jasmine tea leaves in 75g of boiling water, then chill it. Sieve the tea before use. Really squeeze the tea leaves. Try to get as much tea as possible from the leaves. You will notice that you will be left with about 67% of the original amount of water used because the rest has been absorbed by the leaves! 10g tea leaves gives quite a strong scent. If you prefer a milder jasmine scent, reduce the amount of tea leaves.

Dough ingredients:
210g      bread flour
56          all purpose flour
42g        caster sugar
1/2tsp   salt
4g          instant yeast
115g      one egg + concentrated jasmine tea, top up with water
84g        tang zhong, chilled
22g        oil
some matcha powder

  1. Prepare the tang zhong and chill it.
  2. Prepare the jasmine green tea and chill it.
  3. Get the dough ingredients together and knead! (I used Panasonic SD-P104 breadmaker to knead)
  4. For shaping, refer to the YouTube link above. Knead in matcha if you like. It gives a nice green hue to the dough. Add your favourite filling! I think this works well with chocolate spread or red bean paste.
  5. Bake in preheated oven 180ºC for 20 minutes and voila! 😛

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