Catherine Atkinson’s Buttery Brioche Bread – in your bread machine

Another successful bread from the breadmaker! 😀

This time it’s an enriched bread – a brioche loaf! I came across a breadmaker brioche recipe from the book ‘Brilliant Breadmaking’ by Catherine Atkinson and this book is currently the no. 1 breadmaker book in Amazon UK, so the recipes must be good. I tried one of the recipes, and gladly it didn’t disappoint! 😀

The bread smelled super, the texture and taste was spot-on! Light and soft, mildly sweet and very buttery! 😉

Stringy stringy!
Awww don’t you wanna just tear it!
Yoga test? No worry!

The crust was simply the best part! fine and crispy! 😀


Recipe adapted from ‘Brilliant Breadmaking’ by Catherine Atkinson.

Catherine Atkinson’s Buttery Brioche Bread -makes a 450g loaf

275g      bread flour
30g        caster sugar
3/4tsp   salt
3/4tsp   instant yeast
60g        butter, softened
2 small eggs, whisked, make up to 165mL with milk

Add all the ingredients into the bread pan at once. Enter your desired baking option and start the machine. I used ‘Rice Bread’, which is no. 6 option.


I reduced the salt to 1/4tsp as I used salted butter. I also knocked down and reshaped the bread 1hour 40 minutes before the finish time. (‘Rice Bread’ option has a 40-minute baking cycle. By reshaping the dough at the last 1hr40min, the dough has one whole hour for its second or final proof, which I think should be just right! 😉 )

Also, I followed Catherine’s instructions to put the wet ingredients first then followed by the dry. Actually, I find the dry-then-wet method mixes better, at least for this machine.

The dough was not sticky at all because of its high oil content, I suppose. It was light and airy, and it rose really well!

brioche join

Very happy! 😛


8 Comments Add yours

  1. Kris says:

    Your recipe is amazing! Thanks for posting.


  2. Lynds says:

    may i ask, at what stage stated on the panasonic machine screen, before its safe to open the machine cover to remove dough to reshape and place it back? do i need to press any buttons after that?


    1. bananaman says:

      It is safe to open the lid anytime except during ‘bake’ time. The machine will not know if the lid has been opened, nor do you have to press any buttons. Hope that helps!


  3. Mark says:

    Hi, did you use the yeast dispenser or put the yeast on the bottom of the machine? Panasonic recipe for brioche asks to put on the bottom, but you mention use as per manual…

    Thanks for sharing all the recipes and results!

    Ps we have the Panasonic 104 as well.


    1. bananaman says:

      Hi there, thanks for dropping by! I don’t know why I wrote that :/ but I just put the yeast with the rest of the dry ingredients, then followed by the wet ingredients. Never use the yeast dispenser anymore as it makes such a mess!


      1. Mark says:

        Thanks for getting back to me.
        I followed the recipe with the following details:
        275g Prima bread flour
        30g caster sugar
        3/4tsp salt
        3/4tsp instant yeast
        60g butter, softened
        2 small eggs, whisked, make up to 155ml with milk

        I altered the liquid as the room temperature is around (or just above) 25′ C (I live in Singapore). I followed the instruction from Panasonic on this as I had good results with it so far. Had you already adjusted the liquid for warm room temperature?

        Next I also used the rice bread program like you advised. I did use the yeast dispenser; it works fine to me and never messy like you mentioned. Also I used Medium crust, but the next time for brioche I will use Soft crust for brioche as I think it was a bit too hard.

        I used the timer setting as I wanted fresh bread in the morning. Which means I didn’t take it out to reshape the bread. The bread went in around 9pm and the timer was set for 6.40am. So it had plenty of time to proof.

        I loved the looks of the result, it really looked like brioche! However I was not impressed with the taste. It didn’t have that typical brioche, enriched flavour. So I will continue to look for another recipe.

        Below some pictures from my brioche.


      2. bananaman says:

        Hello, thanks for sharing your results too! Your loaf looks beautiful indeed.

        For this, I followed Atkinson’s recipe without any adjustment. Good that you don’t have any issues with the yeast, mine must be crap as they fly all over the place and stick to the plastic part like magnet.

        My brioche tasted fine if I remember correctly, just a tad dry the next day but still OK. I can’t recall what butter I used but I believe it plays an important part in the flavour. Also I am not sure if this will make a difference but you might want to try it without the timer?

        Alright don’t forget to keep us posted here when you have found a better recipe!


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