Pandan Cranberry Walnut Kaya tear-n-share bread!

Tear away!

This is my first try of adding pandan juice to bread. I blended about 20 pieces of pandan leaves into 85mL of water and filtered out the residues. I was expecting the pandan ‘juice’ to be full of pandan fragrant, but it just smelled like grass! 😥

Anyway, I incorporated the pandan juice into my old faithful tang zhong recipe, and I am delighted to say that although the pandan smell did not come through, the taste and texture of the bread was lovely! 🙂

Beautiful dough!

As usual, I used my Panasonic SD-P104 for kneading (in an air-cond room), and it did a wonderful job. I previously used it to knead the same recipe in a hot kitchen and the dough did not turn out well at all. It was sticky, wet and flabby and did not hold itself up! You can see it in this post. Therefore, I think the ambient temperature and humidity is very important!! If you live in a hot tropical country like me, let the breadmaker work in a cool environment!

I proved the dough in a container overnight in the fridge. It grew super fast and popped the container lid! Be sure to check on it if you are going to proof it overnight.

The next day, I took it out 1 hour before I worked on the dough. It rose even faster when it’s in room temperature!

For the shape of the bread, I referred to Happy Bread by Foodiva’s Kitchen.  I got 600g of dough from this recipe, I divided it into 8 balls of 75g dough, and followed her steps. My shaping skills definitely need brushing up though. 😐

The lovely green colour of the dough was much gone by the time the bread came out of the oven. 😥

pandan join join

Also, the pandan fragrant was almost non-existent! 😥


But! The texture was amaaazzziiing!! Pillowy soft and feather-light! 😀 😀

I find shaping the bread into little buns like this work wonders because, all the buns, especially the buns with kaya, was cooked evenly and thoroughly, and the crust was slightly crunchy but not too hard. Just perfect! Definitely reproducible! 😛

Alright, here’s the adapted recipe. The original recipe comes from the book <<65度C湯種麵包>> by 陳郁芬.

Pandan Cranberry Walnut Kaya tear-n-share bread

210g         bread flour
56g           all purpose flour
50g           caster sugar
1/2 tsp     salt
20g           milk powder
6g             instant dry yeast (2 tsp)
30g           egg
84g           tang zhong (20g flour : 100g water should give you ~95-100g of tang zhong)
22g           butter/oil
85g           pandan juice (or 82g water with 1 tsp of pandan essence)
handful of cranberries, amount to preference
6 whole walnuts, chopped (to be spread on dough during shaping)
1 tbsp kaya (to be spread on dough during shaping)

  1. Put everything including yeast, except cranberries, into the breadmaker pan and start the machine. I always use the ‘Rapid Bread’ programme for kneading. Choose to manually add in raisins. *Note that I do not like using the yeast and raisin compartments as I find cleaning those bits very troublesome! >.<
  2. When the machine beeps, add in raisins.
  3. When it enters the rise cycle, take out the dough and proof outside or in the fridge overnight.
  4. For shaping, you can refer to the this blog if you like (same link as the one on top). It is basically flattening each 75g dough balls into a rectangle, spread walnut/kaya on top, then lay another rectangle dough on top, then roll it up lengthwise into a log, cut the ends up and arrange them in the middle of a round pan, and cut the remaining log into rough triangles, put them around the arranged ends in the pan.
  5. Let them proof for 15-20 minutes then brush them some glaze.
  6. Bake in a preheated oven at 180ºC for 15 minutes, then 160ºC for a further 5 minutes.




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