Panasonic SD-P104: Lemon cranberry bread

So. I was still looking for a soft fluffy bread recipe that is doable by the Panasonic SD-P104  bread machine. I stumbled upon this blog post, and I thought, wow, that looks really good! and the blogger baked it in the same bread machine as mine, so I thought I would give it a go! According to the blogger, the recipe is from the book “荻山和也×麵包機魔法60變:一按OK!”. This recipe is largely similar to the one in the Panasonic manual, with very slight tweaks in the proportion of some ingredients.

五星級濃郁吐司 – Recipe adapted from “荻山和也×麵包機魔法60變”

230g   bread flour
25g     butter
25g     sugar
3g       salt
3g       yeast
25g     egg, beaten
125g   cold water

I also added some lemon zest and cranberries into it. Put everything in the bread machine and start the machine. I used baking option no.2 – Rapid Bread. This is the fastest programme and takes only 2 hours.

On the texture of the dough: It held up well and had good shape, didn’t seem to be sticking on the walls of the bread pan, it wasn’t flabby like my previous tangzhong recipes. The bread machine managed to knead it really smooth! Look!

Something this bread had that other hadn’t was its aroma. It smelled exceptionally good! I have never done a bread this fragrant before! 😀 😀 After 35 minutes of baking, it’s ready!

What a beautiful loaf! Although it did not rise as much as I wanted. 😐 Take a look at the grains on the crust. Aren’t they pretty! 😀 😛


and the bread had two ‘faces’. Is this the ‘breadmaker spring’? Haha 😛 😆

This time the crust was much better – finer and softer – than my previous attempts. I am 100% satisfied with this crust! 😀


The bread baked very well. It was soft, delicate and moist! It wasn’t cake-y or doughy or crumbly like my previous batches. Although I would prefer it to rise more and be less dense and have bigger air holes like the one by the blogger above, but this is good enough! 😀


and it passed the yoga test!!! 😀


Taste wise, I would give this five stars. I am not sure what in the ingredients made it smell and taste soooo good. However the lemon zest I added gave no flavour at all to the bread, but that’s not a problem! The cranberries were a great addition though! 😆 I am very delighted to have found this recipe. Although it’s not perfect, it’s still very very good! Panasonic SD-P104 can actually bake good bread! If you have this bread machine, I suggest you try this recipe out! 😉


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