Panasonic SD-P104: Chocolate Walnut Bread on ‘Soft Bread’ programme

Today, I tried the ‘Soft Bread’ baking programme of the Panasonic SD-P104 Breadmaker. Before this, I have used the ‘Bread’ and ‘Stuffed Bread’ programmes, both yielding rather dry bread with thick and tough crust. I was hoping to get a really soft bread comparable to oven-baked bread with this option.

The ‘Soft Bread’ option takes 4 hours and 20 minutes, which is quite long, so I used the timer. I followed the recipe from the Panasonic manual strictly but added some cocoa powder and walnuts for flavour.


Chocolate Walnut Bread

250g    bread flour
15g      butter (substituted with oil)
2tbsp   caster sugar + 30g to offset the bitterness of the cocoa powder
1tsp     milk powder
1tsp     salt
180ml  cold water
1tsp     instant dried yeast
25g       cocoa powder
some walnuts broken into small pieces

Put everything, except walnuts and yeast, into the pan, then the walnuts and yeast in the raisin and yeast compartment respectively. Set the timer and programme and start the machine.


The ‘Soft Bread’ option has got exceptionally long resting period and a relatively longer kneading cycle than other options, and the baking cycle only takes 35 minutes (usually is 40 minutes).

The crust of the bread was not as thick as those baked using ‘Bread’ and ‘Stuffed Bread’ options, but it is still too thick to my preference. The bread was soft but rather dry on the inside, but they stuck together and didn’t fall apart easily.

The typical breadmaker bread crust! 😡

And no, the bread did not pass the yoga test!

So, the quest for a light and fluffy Panasonic SD-P104 Breadmaker bread continues… ➡ ➡ ➡ 😎


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  1. Mark says:

    Thanks for sharing all your experiences with the bread maker! I have just purchased the same machine and I have been genuinely impressed, although I am only 2 breads in! 🙂

    The second result was were I posted on your brioche recipe. The first bread was a “soft bread” from the soft bread program. I followed the manual to letter where I could, the only exception being that I didn’t have milk powder so I replaced some of the cold water with cold milk. In addition I used the raisin dispenser to add raisins. I used prima bread flour and SAF dry yeast. As with the other bread I used the overnight timer as I want to eat fresh bread in the morning.

    I absolutely loved the results! It was fantastic bread with good taste. It was nice and soft. I have included a picture of the result (it’s just a crop of a family photo…).

    Have you tried any of the basic recipes that were included in the manual? How was your experience with those? I currently have a “french bread” in the machine. Hope the result will be good in the morning!


    1. bananaman says:

      Wow your bread is nice and tall!

      Glad that it worked out for you. I have only tried the ‘Basic bread’ (in the review post) and ‘Soft bread’ (in this post) recipes in the manual with some minor adjustments, but I wasn’t entirely happy with them, so I never tried the other recipes.

      I am still experimenting, and it’s still a bit of a hit-and-miss. That’s why I have that ‘Fail’ tab on the menu.

      Yeah do tell about your French bread!


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