No-bake Oreo cheesecake!

Do you have someone you wanna spoil? You’re lucky then. This cheesecake is no joke. It’s gonna spoil them rotten! Plus it’s so easy, no oven required! Chop chop!

Recipe below yields a round 6″ x 1″+ thick cheesecake.

For the biscuit base
– crumbs of about 8 Oreos, save the biscuit icing for the cake. Use more biscuits if you like a thicker base
– about 10g room temperature butter, just enough to sort of glue the crumbs together. Too much butter results in buttery instead of Oreo-y crust!

For the cheesecake
250g   Philadelphia cream cheese, softened, cubed
85g     good quality whipping/double cream
100g   caster sugar
1tsp    vanilla essence
crumbs of about 8 Oreos, save some to decorate the cake if you wish!
Oreo chunks (amount to your preference, just break them apart to smaller pieces with hand)
Oreo icing leftovers from those used to make the base

For the crumbs, it’s best to just use a food processor to crunch them up. That saves a lot of time and effort. I find the rolling pin + ziplock bag method quite troublesome… Also, a loose base/springform pan is ideal for cheesecakes.

Use good quality whipping cream. Get fresh ones if possible. Some cheap, boxed whipped cream just won’t get whipped up! Chill the whipping cream before whipping. Good whipping cream should be able to be whipped up till soft peak with a fork within 2 minutes.


To make the base, combine crumbs with butter evenly and press it to the bottom of the pan. Set it to firm in the fridge. Then, start preparing the cheesecake.

For the cheesecake,
1. Beat cream cheese, sugar, Oreo icing and vanilla until well combined.
2. Gently fold in the foamy whipped cream with a spatula till even.
3. Fold in Oreo crumbs and Oreo chunks.
4. Pour the mixture into the round pan and swirl it in one direction, clockwise or anti-clockwise. This will even out the lumps and bumps. Finally, smooth the top with a spatula.
5. Cover the pan with cling film and let it chill in fridge overnight.
6. Next day, woo hoo! 😉 To decorate the top, sprinkle the Oreo crumbs using a coarse sieve onto the cake.

-Philly cream cheese is naturally salty, so the cake will taste salty if sugar is reduced.
-The cheesecake is best taken when chilled. Also, chilling enhances its flavour, so the longer you keep, the tastier it becomes! 😛


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