Sweet Potato Chinese Steamed Buns 番薯包

Yummy yummy! Fragrant, soft and fluffy 番薯包 anyone? 😉

I have used this recipe lots of time and it has given me consistently good results! This time, I let the breadmaker do the kneading. Recipe below.

110g   warm water
5g       instant yeast (= ½ tbsp or 1⅔ tsp)
1tbsp  sugar for yeast mixture
150     steamed mashed sweet potato
210     all purpose/pau flour
90       self-raising flour
70g     castor/fine granulated sugar
25g     oil

Stir in 1tbsp sugar and yeast in the warm water until they are fully dissolved and let it stand aside. Prepare the rest of the ingredients.

Kneading in breadmaker: Put all ingredients into the loaf pan and start the dough cycle.
Kneading by hand: Combine dry ingredients with mashed sweet potato till crumbly, then pour in wet ingredients.

Proof until double in size, take out and shape. Then let it proof again for 10 minutes. Steam on high heat for 10 minutes. Note: The buns expand considerably during steaming, so set them an inch and a half away from each other if possible!

The Panasonic SD P104 bread machine took 20 minutes for kneading on the dough cycle. It certainly did an amazing job!

The ballooning dough 😉

The dough itself is not sticky to touch, but for some reason it stuck the sides of the loaf pan a little. I just used a rubber spatula to scrape it off.

The steamed buns turned out beautifully. Lovely texture! They remained soft until the second day! :mrgreen:


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