Cranberry orange soft tortoise bread

I have never used orange in my bread recipe, so I thought I would just give it a go! The result was absolutely fabulous! 😀

210g bread flour
56g   cake flour
20g   milk powder
42g   castor sugar
4g     salt
6g     instant yeast
30g   whisked egg, keep the excess for glaze
85g   liquid (juice from 1 big orange, then top up with water)
84g   tang zhong (water roux)*
22g   butter/oil
zest from 1 orange
60g cranberries, plumped

Just combine everything! easy! Then proof. The knock out. Then shape. Then proof. Then glaze. Then bake at 180ºC for 20-40minutes depending on your loaf size.

*For the water roux, mix one part of flour (any flour, don’t have to be bread flour) with 5 parts of water until it is even – no lumps of flour. Then, using the lowest heat possible, gently heat up the mixture while stirring. Turn the heat off when stirring trails start to appear. Leave it aside for 10-15 minutes to cool and it is ready to use. Water roux traps moisture. It is added to bread recipes to increase the moisture content of bread and make it soft!

From this,

To this!

The tortoise body expanded beyond its tail! 😉

It tasted heavenly. The orange flavour was bursting through every bite and cranberry added a good kick to it! The bread was fine and soft (typical tang zhong bread) and it stayed soft till the next day. Definitely a winner! :mrgreen: 😀 😛


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