5000 dollar bread wreath!

This is my first try on the famed 5000 dollar bread recipe that claims to produce very soft & fluffy bread. Did it live up to its hype? Well, lets see!

Recipe inspired and adapted from LittleMouse and VictoriaBakes.

Starter dough
210g  bread flour
90g    cake flour
24g    caster sugar
6g       instant dry yeast
240g  water

Main dough
210g  bread flour
90g    cake flour
96g    caster sugar
1 1/2  tsp salt
24g    milk powder
90g    egg (optional)
54g    water
72g    unsalted butter, softened

baking 3
Starter dough: before and after proofing

For the starter dough, I put the ingredients together and just mix well using a spatula until the wet and dry seemed to come together. The mixture was lumpy but I think that’s what it’s supposed to be like. It was hard resisting the urge to knead though! Left aside at a warm place (25-30ºC) to proof. Some say it’s OK to leave overnight in a fridge to proof. Great idea if you don’t have a lot of time!

After about an hour, I started preparing the ingredients for the main dough. I omitted the egg as I find eggs make bread dough very sticky! The eggs are supposed to add colour to the bread but they will not have any effect on the texture of the bread (read this somewhere!). By this time, the starter dough, when pulled away from the proofing, already looked like what it should be: soft and flabby with fine, webby stringy texture. Gross!


Tossed the gross starter dough in and started kneading, with a standing hand mixer. Poor mixer was working so hard! Then I slowly dripped the oil (I substituted butter for some Canola oil) onto the dough in the mixer. When it looked smooth enough, I flipped it out and made it into a ball and let it sit in the mixing bowl for another hour.


My dough rose too well as I over-dosed on the yeast and I used self-raising flour for cake flour, lol! But all was still well! The dough was very nice to handle – not sticky at all and not too dense, it’s just about right. I did a double braid and made it into a wreath! Baked at 185ºC for 20 minutes. It was nicely brown then. Brushed butter on top of it right out of the oven. Holy cow, it looked so great I didn’t wanna eat it! Note: the butter only gave it temporary shine but it added a teeny bit of buttery flavour.

Back to my question. Does it live up to its hype? My answer is: not quite. It was soft, but wasn’t as soft as the bread made using tang zhong, and there’s no flavour to it at all. Perhaps this was due to the lack of eggs? or I braided it a little too tout? I am not sure, but I would try this recipe again with some tweaks. Till next time!


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  1. such beautiful texture… nothing beats a nicely pleated bread 😉

    thanks for the shoutout


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